The guys from Strobetech have known each other from anearly age. The two began to produce music together whenthey realized that they both liked the same music style.Strobetech’s Story began first with the dj'ing, but they quicklyrealized that they wanted to create their own music.Strobetech is known for their driving and undergroundtechno sets, as well for their own techno tracks which makethe crowd cheer again and again. Today, they are alreadyrepresented in numerous record labels around the globe,and they already had the chance to meet a variety of highnames in the techno-scene such as, Virgil Enzinger, CitizienKhain, Spartaque, and many more. They are also oftenfound in Zurich’s clubs and nightlife, in the clubs where theydo everything to bring the crowd to shake with their freshTechno-sets .

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