MicRoCheep & Mollo is an exquisite collaboration of two talented artists & friends coming from Romania. They started producing minimal, releasing on known labels worldwide such as Flat Belly, FHD, Substudio, Kraft, Minicoffee, Hamburg Aufnahmen etc. so was a matter of time for them to create a name who is well known worldwide with their tracks Orgasmic, We're Just Kids, Whiskey Machine, We Can't Go To Sleep, My Room Sucks etc. They experimented other styles too, making techno, progressive and tech-house, but they though that techno fits perfect for them, so they are producing only dark techno making from it their main style and signing with labels like Brood Audio, Globox, Frakture Audio, Miniatures, Italo Business, Unofficial, Capsula etc. getting support and being played by many big names like Umek,

Latest Releases