DJ GREGA (Hungary, Budapest)Grega an Hungarian Techno-pioneer. He is one of the best Hungarian Techno and Classic Techno Dj/Producer/Live act, since 1996.He was the resident dj and promoter at Supersonic Technicum underground club 1999-2004.The Supersonic Technicum was the first and best hungarian techno club (1999-2004) where was techno parties every weekend on Budapest. He played together with (1996) the first time when was The Advent live and Billy Nasty on Hungary (Hype energy drink party) and then Grega wanted more Techno parties on Hungary!Grega playing with 3 turntables (vinyl) or 3 cd player Classic and new Techno style and playing in live acts!Info /,,,Grega live mix -videos on youtube: in live acts:-G-tone (Techno)-Alpha Rhytmika (deep and dark techno)-Grega Live! (Techno-acidtech-darktech)Dj Grega presents: Hear Noise! radio show

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