It's the 90s. InfIuenced by mainstream Radio Pop as well as a growing SynthPop scene and the emerging, ever present HipHop sound of the era a young, thirteen year old named Ufuk Özbayar, now better known under his MONIKER AFFLICTED, P.T.B.S and OKTAL3., (and many more) starts to get involved in nightlife business. But with the decade progressing and electronic music being on the rise towards its first peak it wouldn't take long before the original HipHop head discovered the magic of a straight 4/4 bassdrum and a variety of styles including Trance, House and HardHouse only to progress into serious Hardcore, Acid, Gabber and HardTechno over the years, influenced by acts like Sven Väth, Luke Slater, DJ Rush, Chris Liebing and the likes of as well as countless club nights experienced all over Germany. Fast forward

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