Kiril Melkonov

Kiril Melkonov <- to be link as facebook fan page to the artist page please also to get my Biography like this -> Kiril Melkonov was born in 1988, in Zaporozhye, Ukraine. In 1989 he moved to Varna, Bulgaria. In 2007, Kiril had is rst encounter with underground electronic music and immediately, he was blown away. By 2009, Kiril decided to invest in his own DJ equipment to pursue his passion for mixing music. Keeping his roots and attraction towards Hip-hop and R&B, his favorite underground music genres include Tech-house, Minimal, and Techno. Kiril Melkonov has played several clubs in Varna (Bulgaria) including La Playa, Comics Club, El Gordo, AJ Club and in 2012, was the most played DJ at FUNCITY FESTIVAL (Varna, Bulgaria) - In 2013 and in Sunny Beach Bar

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