Vikthor blazes through the techno scene like a scorching inferno. His explosive style, blending dark atmospheres and captivating synths, captured the legendary Carl Cox's attention. Cox, recognizing Vikthor's immense talent, labeled him as one of the next generation techno stars, solidifying their collaboration on Cox's esteemed label, Intec. With an unstoppable natural progression, Vikthor crafted a series of electrifying releases that sent shockwaves through the industry. Tracks like "Twilo" by Elio Riso propelled him to new heights, earning widespread support and recognition. Collaborating with Elio Riso on the acclaimed track "Soul & Trip," remixed by Cox himself, solidified Vikthor's position as a rising force. DJ Mag hailed it as one of the standout tracks of 2020. Vikthor's debut album, "Low Profile," released on Bush Records, illuminated his artistic prowess and cemented his

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