Jody 6

Originally formed in the heart of a laser beam, Jody 6 evolved into an electronic music artist. Within the realm of Techno, his sound resonates with a heavy groove adorned with both shadowy undertones and exhilarating uplifting melodies. Jody 6's sonic creations are found on esteemed labels including T78’s Autektone, A*S*Y*S’s Fe Chrome, Spektre’s Respekt, Spartaque’s Codex, and Armin Van Buuren’s Armada Records. His sonic offerings have not only caught the attention of the aforementioned maestros but have also been played by Deborah De Luca, Umek, Marie Vaunt, and Oliver Heldens, among a plethora of other luminaries. Jody 6's artistry weaves a tapestry of energy, resulting in bookings to play at global festivals and raves. These include illustrious gatherings like TrancePort Japan, the iconic Camden Palace in the UK, the

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