Audio Bigot

In 2009 Omari Nkosi and Kevin aka El Camino started working in the studio together and never looked back. The production duo toiled in the studio with many sounds and styles such as HOUSE/DEEP TEC-HOUSE/TEC-HOUSE for the first 5 years having many sucessful releases under differant project names as "The Collective", "Bumps & Bridges" even being featured in an Ibiza mix, and an Ibiza complilation, along with many releases reaching beatports top 100 before scrapping both privious projects to focus on "Audio Bigot" and the sounds of Techno. Now focusing on Techno as a primary sound Audio Bigot pushing themselves to try new and different techniques hoaning their sound of Sci-Fi soundscapes and backdrops incoprerated with synthy soul, and thunderous rolling bass lines. Striving to make each track/release

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