Windeskind, the Prince of the Wind" bourgeois Dominik Fritsch was born in 1992. Growing up with Euro Dance, he developed more and more and started over the years towards electronic dance music. At the age of 16 years he began deejaying to online web radio stations like or With his majority, he was allowed to play the first time as a newcomer in the "Codex" in Achern. On his 20th birthday he was one of the first DJs ever, the "Hausbar" recorded in Lahr. After the „Hausbar“ it went uphill. Windekind became a member of the booking agency "Blanc Booking" and recorded in the "Culteum" in Karlsruhe. There he was resident for an half year. After that many bookings followed. He played in the "Inside" in Emmendingen, in

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