DJ Cross

One of the best DJ's in Donetsk (Ukraine), DJ Cross started his career in 1997 and since then has many times confirmed his status by winning the nomination "Donetsk's BEST DJ" in 2000, 2001 and 2006 (according to MEDOFF NIGHTLIFE AWARDS). Has toured all over Ukraine. Currently resides in Rostov- on-Don (Russia). Since 2003 turned into the author and host of "MFM PARTY MIX" dance radio show on MFM-Station (one of the top FM stations in Ukraine). Was a participant of numerous music festivals: KAZANTIP (2006 through 2008), GLOBAL GATHERING UKRAINE 07 (Kiev), TRANSIT UA (Lviv), et c. In 2007, t he new duo appeared at Ukraine electronic scene: DJ Cross & Max Creative. The same year, guys released two bomb-tracks: "We Gonna Show" and "Rock This" both later becoming

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