Luke Tolosan

By discovering Daft Punk in 1997, Luke Tolosan is highly interested in house music, but this is actually in 2002 with Dicovery, that his desire to become a DJ / producer truly surfaces. In 2007, his skills allow him to obtain a residency at t he Jet Lag Lounge Bar on Hardelot Beach. On the beginning of 2009, he signed with the Polish label In Deep Records , wit h t he t it le "Leiden" supported by the legendary Robert Owens and Sole. Other signatures keep coming then from England with MC Groove Records label, with the EP and the title "Monkey Get Up" co-produced by Tom Buster (with whom he forms the Electro Fidget duo: "The Boogie Monsters" ) which will end 2nd at the Open4Prod Contact radio

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