"Karuva has hit the jackpot with his latest release...which sounds like Tiga, Claude vonStroke and Mr Oizo all jamming together.” (Mixmag) “Karuva is rising fast on the house scene!” (Ministry of Sound) “Karuva’s production skills are amazing!” (Amine Edge) “Karuva's sets always bring a unique energy to our events” (Summer-ized Sessions) “I massively rate Karuva.” (Charlie Tee, Kiss FM) Karuva was born into an eccentric musical family - learning DJing, electric guitar, drums, slap bass and freestyle piano (all before he had stubble on his face). Driven by a wild and untamed creativity, his unique slant on house music utilises live instrumentation and draws on inuences from as wide as James Brown to Jamie Jones - integrating funk as a component in each of his records. Catching the ears of

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