Black Circle

Music has always been the driving force of this gifted producer and composer for a bunch of big projects in the past. 
The son of musicians walked his way towards to a greater musical horizon. He got his basic musical skills and still like a little boy, he learned how to play several instruments. 2010 this made the difference in the era of computer-based productions and paid off for him in many Top 10 chart-breakers. 
2019 He joined Sabb's record label RADIANT. with his tracks 'Autumn' & 'Foolish' which seen quickly massive support from well known names in the industry such as Black Coffee, Nic Fanciulli or Ame more. He later joins Nic Fanciulli's SAVED with a massive dancefloor tune 'Journey' hitting immediately in the first week of the release the #1

Latest Releases