Hot Since 82

Step into the captivating realm of British DJ based in Leeds (UK) and record producer Daley Padley, better known by his stage persona, Hot Since 82. Renowned for his infectious beats and unyielding work ethic, Hot Since 82's musical journey has been nothing short of a remarkable odyssey, but it hasn't been without its challenges. A recent father to Enzo, fondly nicknamed Hot Since 2020, Padley's life is a whirlwind of responsibilities, from caring for his sick dog to managing his wife's beauty salon renovations. Raised in a three-bed council house in Barnsley, Padley's childhood was a musical funhouse, shaped by the eclectic tastes of his family. His mother, lovingly dubbed "the jukebox," instilled a passion for diverse genres, setting the stage for his future in music. Early exposure to the

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