Sióbhan, Sio, The Twilight child, King is a storyteller, who uses music and poetry to tell her stories. A lover of words and melodies, the Johannesburg based songstress often gravitates towards dark imagery, weaving love, thoughtfulness and dash of rebellion in her work.   With a unique gift of storytelling and a voice to match, Sio has become a respected and much sought after vocalist both locally and abroad, with an uncanny ability to make hits that stand out, not only from the crowd but each other. She seamlessly weaves her stories through house, electronic, soul, hip hop and dance music and refuses to be confined to one style. She considers herself a lyrical snob, making pains to write songs that look at things from a different angle. Her Collaborations include: Luka, Jullian Gomes, rkls, Kid Fonque, Gina Jeanz, Jaedene Veda, Ralf Gum, Fred Everything,

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