Haska is a UK-based act who have been instrumental in the global rise of Afro-House. They burst onto the scene in 2020 with their electrifying track 'Madan,' with the blessing of the "Golden Voice of Africa", Salif Keita. This cult hit, initially a quarantine anthem, has since grown into a worldwide sensation, amassing over 20 million streams on major platforms. Released by Universal, 'Madan' garnered support from industry giants including Tiesto, Pete Tong, Don Diablo, Francis Mercier and Fisher, sparking a digital frenzy with 100M’s of views and millions of creations across social media. Haska's music transcends the expected, embraces diversity and celebrates culture worldwide. With an innovative sound that pushes boundaries, Haska has solidified their place in electronic music. After spending the last few months hard at work in

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