Dave Lambert

DAVE LAMBERT is without a doubt one of the most influential DJs in theBelgian HOUSE scene with a career of 15 years and counting. DAVELAMBERT has played all 10 editions of T OMORROWLAND & the FirstEdition of T OMORROWWORLD 2013 and also opened the mainstage ofT OMORROWLAND in 2012!Besides playing all the big national festivals such as Sensation (White),Tomorrowland (Mainstage), Cityparade, Laundry Day, Summerfestival,Extrema, Dance Valley, Groovecity and many more, he also was residentin 3 of Belgium’s biggest and most notorious clubs such as Versuz, LaRocca & Z illion. Currently Dave Lambert must be one of the bussiest DJ’sin Belgium. With an incredible amount of gigs (sometimes over 10 gigs perweek) he always finds the means to get a crowd go mental. You caneasily say that he’s a genuine crowd

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