Joc House

Joc House [Jose Cervantes] Born on the March 27, 1995 in the city of Monteria, Department of Cordoba, Colombia, From The Year 2004 He found His Taste and Passion For The Music Electronica In difentes Subgenera How We Are The House, Tech-House, Electro House, Proggresive House and Other .. From entonses was Faithful Electronica Inpulsador Of Culture In The City, From The Year 2009 Discover The Great Taste Of Control Esenarios and began his career as Dj From This Day is a hard Dedidcado to The Work of DJ and just in The New Year By Influences Locoles begins His dedication to The Electronic Music production and To Present Her With It Dedida Great Dedidicacion The Genres producís By Joc House are: House, Tech-House, Tribal House. Techno, Electro House and

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