Din Jay

Dino Montanaro (artist name Din Jay) is an established italian DJ and producer from southern Italy, based in Ostuni (Brindisi), in Puglia. He has always had a preference for the real HOUSE MUSIC genre, in particular the soulful house and nu disco genres. He has released his music on many very well established labels , such as Ocean Trax (historical record company founded by Gianni Bini and Paolo Martini in the 90s), Sterephonic Records by Paolo Barbato, PURPLE MUSIC by Jamie Lewis, Hot fingers by Alex Kenji, Klubasic Records, House N Chips by Andrea Maggino and Marco Santoro (aka Brokenears), WU Records by Claudio Caccini aka Funkatomic, and many other well-known internationally labels, such as Quantize Recordings by DJ Spen, King Street Sounds (historical record label based in New York),

Latest Releases