Mission 001 Johnjohn started as a hip-hop dj at the age of 17. But at some point the "Shake-What-Your-Muma-Gave-You-Thing" started to bore him. "I wanted to tell a story with my sets and not just put songs in a row." Mission 002 Johnjon discovers house and techno and he gets the proper mixing and studio/production equipment. Now he not only wants to tell stories but to create more - his own songs. "If you don’t have anybody who can explain the hardware to you, you’re pretty screwed." Mission 003 He starts to build little explosives in his own studio, which become (thanks to Thien Nguyen aka Chopstick as a production partner) pretty fat bombs by the time. Mission 004 Moving from Hamburg to Berlin gets him right into the center of electronic music. "Everybody who is

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