Dmit Kitz

Dmit Kitz, a music producer from Ukraine, whose artistry has garnered support from global luminaries, has carved a noteworthy path within the music industry. Emerging onto the scene through a debut release on Denmark's esteemed label, Limestreet Recordings, Dmit embarked on a dedicated journey within the studio realm. Since his initial foray in 2008, Dmit Kitz has diligently honed his craft, achieving remarkable milestones in crafting his distinctive sound. His musical footprint spans a diverse array of labels, including Bearcast, Vibra Macz, Factomania, Stereo Productions, Nervous, Spinnin and Sincopat, reflecting his versatility and wide-ranging talent. Throughout his career, Dmit's compositions have continued to receive resounding support from global producers. His sonic creations have received acclaim from influential figures, making Dmit Kitz, a noteworthy figure in the realm of electronic soundscapes.

Latest Releases