Shik Stylko

Shik Stylko are Sebastian Krieg and Roman Freihoff. They work as a team of DJ's and musicians for more than 14 years, now. They established their excellent reputation being resident DJ's in M1 Club in Stuttgart, Germany, from 1995 to 2002. Shik Stylko's characteristic style of house - tribal and electro sound with funky and soulful roots turned M1 Club into one of the most respected house clubs in Germany. Shik Stylko's sense for mass moving sound substantiated the universal recognition of the top house DJ's and lead to joint club sessions with Masters at Work, DJ Pierre, Roger Sanchez, Dimitri from Pais, Eric Morillo, Ian Pooley and Erik Rug. The two musicians are well known and respected DJ's travelling around the world for gigs in most respected locations like In Space/Privilege/Amnesia,

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