Human Life

“If Prince and David Gahan had a baby in Paris in 1990, that child might now be making music like this" – Guardian UK “This” meaning the work of LA-based Human Life, a.k.a. Matthew Wasley. Citing influences as diverse as The KLF, Prince, the sort of leftfield disco played by DJ Harvey and classic house producers like Mr. Fingers and Frankie Knuckles, Matthew produces catchy, potent electronic music with engaging vocals and strong song writing. Human Life’s sound combines the best of the underground and the overground without contriteness or awkwardness - and it’s one that’s caught the attention of artists ranging from French legend Alan Braxe, Lee Foss, MK/Marc Kinchen, Radio 1’s Jaymo and Andy George, Grum, Aeroplane, Sasha, A-Trak, Crookers and even the late DJ Mehdi, who along with

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