Tom Ferry

Liverpudlian production talent Tom Ferry has made a credible name for himself in the UK dance scene in such a short amount of time. His sound design is heavily inspired by the likes of Pryda, Axwell and the late Avicii. Tom’s first notable achievement came in 2015 when his self-released song 'Plateau' was picked up by Ultra Music, and was later re-released as 'Better With You' featuring Duane Harden, and breached the top 40 Beatport charts. The following year “Found it In You” was released by Armada with music video treatment and a remix by the talented Matvey Emerson. Being no stranger to remixes, Tom took matters into his own hands with his unofficial remix of Ariana Grande’s hit 'Into You'. It scored him the #1 Spot on Hype Machine,

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