Claudio Viti

Claudio Viti was born in Altamura(Italy) . From the age of 10 his passion for music began with drumming. He began to study E-Jay, discreet musical production schedule and to discover the dance sound of that time. He ventured into more complex kinds, those acids, tech and electronic sounds. He starts to mix in private parties at the age of 14 in 2004, before moving to the top club of his country: Divinae Follie(IT), Nuclè(IT), Clorophilla/Syntesys(IT), Palace(IT) and more...In 2009, when he was at secondary school, he won a contest as "The Best Dj On The Mix" in his town! 2010 was the year of the debut in the musical industry: it was released ANGEL OF LOVE, first single on Sheeva Records Miami .In 2011(October) there was another milestone: also

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