Tom Piper

Since setting forth on his mission to create a better worldthrough freshmaking, this Sydney-side vibemaster haspositioned himself at the forefront of the Australian dancemusic scene. His DJ sets of piper exclusives, re-edits &fresh-ass booties have caused crowd riots all roundAustraliaand we have had reports of disturbances in Asia & Europethese past few years. He has placed top 10 on the InT heMixDJ Poll (2011 & 2012) and you can find his originalproductions, remixes and tunes from his own indie labels(bambamMuzik, No Frills Label & Bakehaus Records) at thetop of the ARIA charts, or in the record bags of the global DJelite.Trying to pin a professional appreciator like Tom Piper to asingle genre is like telling Casanova to keep it in his pants.His preference is everything and more; an orgy of

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