Inspired by the disco, funk and pop records his brother brought back from university, Yescene dropped out of classical piano training and started writing his own music at the age of 14. Originally from Tangier, Morocco, Yescene brings a fusion of rhythms and styles shaped over the last 10 years of playing keyboards and percussion in rock, funk and jazz bands as well as DJing. These influences can be heard in the eclectic mix of sounds that make every song different; ranging from dark, deep basslines to soulful vocals, afro-percussion and smooth electric pianos. Yescene has released a wide variety of music spanning deep, funky, afro and soulful house on underground labels including King Street Records, Deepalma, Blockhead Recordings (U.S.), Mood Funk Records (Italy) Vivifier Records and Surreal Sounds (South Africa). Yescene's music

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