No Parachute

No Parachute stands as the first electronic duo couple from Bucharest, Romania, consisting of the exceptionally talented Livia Andrei and Valentin Ilie. Their journey led them on a captivating 7-year trip around the world, during which they held residencies in prestigious venues across Dubai, UAE, and various other Middle Eastern countries. Now, they proudly establish themselves as the founders of the SPIRIT concept (an ethnic boho experience party concept) As versatile DJs and producers, No Parachute skillfully blend ethnic sounds with mesmerizing melodies, crafting a distinctive and captivating musical experience. Their impressive catalog features over 10 hit tracks across different genres, consistently making their mark on the Top 100 Beatport charts over the past 5 years. Notably, in 2019, they achieved a groundbreaking milestone as the duo to grace the

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