Leo Guardo

Originating from the vibrant mosaic of Sicily, Leo Guardo emerges as a versatile DJ, Music Producer, and Sound Engineer, crafting sonic narratives that resonate with diverse hearts. His journey began amidst the dynamic landscapes of the TV and film industry, where he cultivated his artistry as an audio producer, laying the foundation for a musical journey that defies genre boundaries. Leo Guardo's sonic canvas is a rich blend, where the rhythms of deep tech and house interlace with the global tapestry of tribal and ethnic influences. A true sonic alchemist, Leo's mixes carve a unique soundscape that has animated dance floors across genres for over a decade. From MoBlack to Connected, Sondela, Villahangar, Wired, and many more, Leo's tracks are the melodic threads weaving through the eclectic fabric of electronic

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