"Music means freedom to me and nowadays the influence ofthe music emerges in every single sphere." Manon akaManon Maeder has been part of the Swiss techno andhouse scene since the early nineties. In the late ninetiesshe was already knee deep in productions and releasedtracks for various national compilations like "Kaufleuten" aswell as international compilations like "Island – Vol.2". Manon regularly plays at many big name clubs and festivals likeCocoon Club, Time Warp, Panoramabar, Hive and manymore. Manon made her first steps into the "World of Vinyl" atthe age of seven when she spent her first savings to buydisks instead of dolls.Music has become the most important thing in her life and she built up her whole social environment around.As luck would have it she got the opportunity to playher first

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