Deft Bonz

Murat Boyuk Pilavci (aka Deft Bonz) can’t be categorized into a drawer. Hismusic goes from various styles of electronic music, from chilling or pumpingto melodic or strange up to avant-garde or straight. Until now he (co-)produced several international DJs in his own studio stardustmedia, suchlikes Gregor Tresher (Mikrolux, UCMG, PV), Michael Knoch (Circle Music,Overdrive), Pazkal (Liebe*Detail, Moodmusic, Saved Room Recordings) to nameafew.Furthermore he mixed several soulful house songs for StevenStone,that weresold world wide on labels such as: Player, Duffnote,St alwart , Open Bar, HedKandi and many more.From the piano to the producer ------------------------------With the age of 4, Murat discovered the piano and fell in love with itssound. With the age of 8, he took some professional piano lessons, whichshowed him all the techniques and harmonies. Playing only songs from otherwriters

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