HALDO'short BIOAldo “Haldo” Carpanzano has been the resident DJ for the past 20 years for one of the most important clubs in Southern Italy (Rebus Disconight) where some of the most imporant DJs like Little Louie Vega, Tony Humphries, Ralphi Rosario, Victor Simonelli, Kid Bachelor, Alan Russel, Justin Berkmann and, among the italians, Ivan Iacobucci, Luis Radio, Mauro Ferrucci and others, have performed.Haldo is also a musician, producer who has collaborated with various artists. He founded together with an other DJ, Geppy “Mischibo” Amoruso, the Desansis project out of which came out an album for the Clubstar label in Germany. Desansis “Slowfeed” is a chill out and deep production which the critic considered one of the most elegant in the lounge music world. Almost all the tracks of this project

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