The story began in 1991 with 'In Spirit' by Dilemma a powerful and emotionally charged Balearic house classic—a beautiful piece of music released under X-Energy records in 1991. It sampled a classical piece from 'Rondo Veneziano - La Serenissima'. Davide Sabadin, also known as Lineki, boasts over twenty-five years of experience as a producer of Electronic and House Music. He has signed more than two hundred songs, including “In Spirit” by Dilemma released on the FFRR label, “Higher than the Clouds” produced with DJ Ralf on the Heartbeat label, “Infunktuation” on the Creative label, and Fishbone Beat’s “Always,” a project created in 1993 with Paolo Martini, Zen, and Julian Ems. The track was later sampled by David James and released on the Hooj Choons label. Notably, this last track was

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