KARUDescription:Deep Ohio's sound with a slight tech feel...BIOGRAPHYProducer Quentin Allen aka Karu is from Cleveland, Ohio. He fell in love with jazz, fusion, real hip-hop, classical, & electronic music at 5 years old. When other kids were playing outside, Quentin would spend hours taping jazz & fusion off college radio shows. In 1977 when Kraftwerk came out with Trans Europe Express & in 1978 Man Machine, this started Quentin’s fascination with electronic music. He has also been down with hip-hop since Rappers Delight. In 1979, a show called Clubstyle on 107.9 WDMT came on at 8:00pm every Saturday. Every week the hottest DJ in the area would spin hip-hop, underground disco (the early stages of house), & electro break dance music. When the tracks, Pac Jam, & Numbers came out,

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