Matias Zeque Comes from a very big musical background, with a lovely family of musicians and with his dad being the owner of a very cool rock club called Rockotitlan, He heard & learnt lots of music since his first years, but never formally studied music till 2004 (age 15), the year he met electronic music and started learning, producing and playing rooms & partys as crazy 24/7, sometimes moving forward, sometimes backwards, but always with music being the most important thing, now after a 5 year experience playing the best clubs & parties of his area, (Rioma, AM, Hookah, Nicho Sonoro @ Cumbre Tajin) released more than 140 tracks on labels as: iRecords, Akbal, HalfSeasOver, Loco, Fade, theSounds, having his track “Get The Blue Thru The Red” reached top

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