Saqib is a DJ and producer based in Brooklyn, NYC. He is affiliated with Blond:ish's Abracadabra and NYC's ebb + flow. Named one of 1001 Tracklist's top 100 producers of 2021, Saqib is a dancefloor instigator with a unique musical background and singular ear for music. Producers and dancers alike will tell you that you can easily pick out a Saqib DJ set and a Saqib track from the rest. Since his first EP in 2013, Saqib has put out more than 35 releases consisting of more than 75 originals and remixes, hitting Beatport #1 in the genres of deep house, tech house, organic house, and minimal/ dub techno. These releases go alongside widely supported edits of Pink Floyd, Billie Eilish, David Bowie, The Doors, Dr. Dre, and more. The original resident

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