Atari Safari

Atari Safari, the dynamic DJ/Production duo from the North West of England, consists of the talented Ben and Keef. Known for their eclectic mixes that blend Chicago House, Funk, Soul, Acid, and Balearic sounds, they've made waves in the music industry with tracks signed to notable labels like Snake Beat Records, Under Pressure, and Freakin909, among others. Their remixing skills have been sought after by artists such as CASSIMM and EDUKE, ensuring their presence is felt far and wide. With airplay on Radio 1 by Danny Howard and a buzzing weekly residency at 33 Oldham Street in Manchester, they're on an upward trajectory. Their collaborations with renowned singers like Melanie Williams and It's Yonah add a unique flavour to their original tracks. Catch them live at their residencies or tune

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