Jesse Bru

Vancouver based producer makes soul tinged house music, Influenced by early 90s hip-hop’s use of samples, gravitating towards the deeper side of things and usually with a proclivity for chopped up jazz breaks and vocals . Bru’s sample-heavy production’s mix diverse sounds pulled from found internet videos and dollar record bins into deep, mid-tempo house tracks. He has been Releasing Music since 2013, when he released his acclaimed ‘Changing for you’ EP on Heart to Heart records. Since 2013 Bru has been steadily releasing records on labels like Houseum Records, Axe On Wax, PNP, Piff, Ego Planet, Dansu Discs and Blaq Numbers and Happiness Therapy. Jesse took a pilgrimage to Berlin for two years and spent the bulk of that time touring around the EU and holding down a residency

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