Dave Leck

Dave Leck sees music at the epicentre of his life and has therapeutic qualities for the Melbourne resident: “it’s a way of making sense of life and developing as a person”. This rise to prominence in the latter half of the decade has seen a growing number of increasingly mature releases find their way onto an array of blue chip underground imprints including PHW Elements, Soundteller Records and Droid9. August 2019’s “Stardust” saw another notable career highlight with a debut on the best-selling Particles plus a remix from fellow countrymen GMJ & Matter. “Primal Connection” for the label then followed in January 2020 with support coming from a stellar cast of DJs that include Solarstone, Hernan Cattaneo, Mariano Mellino, Andrea Cassino, Alec Araujo, Fernando Ferreyra, and Ricardo Piedra before an

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