Thanushka Chathuranga,Better known by his stage name ALPHA21 is a DJ/Producer an artist,who has always been closely linked to electronic music,developing his musical taste and polishing it since 2015.. As a DJ he always loves to take his audience on Progressive journey beginning till the end.He sees himself as a storyteller with the purpose to enchant his crowd and create beautiful memories.His sets can be compared to some emotional tales whispered secretly to your ear.The styles he plays are heavily associated with Progressive House,Melodic Techno and Organic House. The Biggest influences of ALPHA21 are Fehrplay,Alex O'Rion,Dimuth K,Volen Sentir for their unique and original styles. His Music has been released on Droid9,Electronic Tree,Stellar Foutain,Another Life Music,just name a few. His Music enable him to show his soul and express his true personality.Keep your

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