Tristan Case

Tristan Case’s creative flame is burning bright in Sydney, Australia. The renowned, long-time Return To Rio resident DJ is set to unveil a series of stunning solo musical creations and take his career to the next level. First up is an epic 5-track EP titled ‘Chapter One’, which is Tristan’s debut solo release on Behrouz and Megan Nazari’s dream-weaving Do Not Sit On The Furniture label. He is also putting the finishing touches to a selection of soon to be announced projects for some of the scene’s other finest innovative labels. Tristan creates deeply dreamy yet reassuringly tough, beautifully balanced, melodic, house music, with a distinctly progressive attitude. Live instrumentation, uplifting percussion, heavy basslines, complex melodies, big strings and soaring harmonies, often utilising a haunting vocal element, all combine to

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