DJ/Producer, Chris Forsyth, aka Tenerfuse, has been active within the dance music community since 1999. As a DJ in the mid- 2000s, thanks to Arizona-based dance ambassador Thomas Turner and his long-standing brand Relentless Beats, he had the fortune to open rooms for modern dance music pioneers, Nick Warren, John Digweed, Markus Schulz, Max Graham, and more. Following a seven-year hiatus, in 2018, he returned more grounded and focused on this new project. Currently, Chris's DJ mixes and productions span various genres, including deep house, melodic techno and house, and progressive house. He has a deep passion for sounds that hypnotize, energize, and lift the spirit. His vision for the future includes a full-time commitment to developing as an artist, positively impacting and helping others, and remaining teachable. He recognizes that creativity

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