Kaito Aman

From Campinas, São Paulo, he always had an ear for the sensations that music is capable of providing. At the age of twenty, he started in music production and graduated from AIMEC Campinas. As a DJ, producer and composer, Kaito Aman explores an experimental sound, with strong influences from house to techno, progressive melodies, organic atmospheres and ever-present grooves. His search is constant for sensations that can transcend the emotions that music awakens in each one. It has important releases by the labels Terasonic Records (BR), Soundteller (POL), Or Two Stranger (AR), Deepwibe (BLR), Just Movement (NT), BC2 (RS), BCSA (AR), 3rd Avenue (BE), Future Avenue (BE) , Clinique (RUS), 3XA (RUS), Transensations (BR), Sonido Profundo (BR), Emotional Content (NZ) among others. He has received support with his music from

Latest Releases