Alejo Fochi

Alejo Fochi is a 23-year-old progressive house DJ and producer, born in Santiago del Estero that emerged in the city of Córdoba, he began his career as a DJ at the orbital academy 5 years ago, a year later he took a music production course at an important academy in Barcelona called "Sonopro" As a DJ, he shared the booth with important international artists such as Henry Saiz, Edu Imbernon,Sebastien Leger, Cid Inc, Alex O Rion and Nationals such as Mariano Mellino, Emi Galvan, Sebastián Bustos, Ezequiel Arias,John Cosani, Matías Chilano, Nacho Varela and Cruz Vittor, Lucas Rossi, Analog Jungs, Paul Deep, Federico Monachesi, among others. And he had the opportunity to perform in different cities such as Córdoba, Barcelona, Mar del Plata,Buenos Aires, Salta, Ushuaia, Jujuy, Tucumán, Catamarca, Termas de

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