SC: FB: took a long detour getting into electronic music, mostly because I'm an instrumentalist at heart. Even today every new track is based solely on analog hardware: synths, drum machines, samplers guitars, and effect pedals make up my tools, both as a composer and performer. Diving into Downtempo, Tribal-, Deep House, and Indie Electro, it's sometimes hard to keep a focus, but that's just where I feel at home.Upcoming:17.o8 ▲ Bucht der Träumer Festival [GER]o2.o9 ▲ Moloch [Hamburg]o9.o9 ▲ Laut & Luise Label Night [Kater Blau]15.o9 ▲ Bahnwärter Thiel [Munich]22.o9 ▲ Mah o Serateh [Mensch Meier, Bln.]O5.1o ▲ Sa Terza Metari Festival [Sardegna]13.1o ▲ Rebellion der Träumer @Mensch Meier [Berlin] 2O.1o ▲ *Bucht* [Wuza's 2 Year Anniversary]15.12 ▲ Schneiderei [Zurich]28.12 ▲ *Bucht* [Robert's Bday]

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