Manu Riga

Manu Riga was formed in 2004 by Adriaan Baussens and not long after this in 2005 he released his first single, "Good Feeling", with a remix from Dr Kucho on Okina Music, this rode high on the Belgium dance chart reaching number 22.Manu Riga didn't feel at home then due to problems with distribution which in turn had an impact on the creative process.After a break of two years, Adriaan gave Manu Riga a second chance but this time he promised he would only follow his heart and do what he liked to do.After sending the 2005 track "Tai Chi Girl" to Bonzai Music he found his new home. Bonzai recognised the potential and appreciated his approach to music and an artist deal was signed in 2010.Soon after this remixes

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