Nico Parisi

Nico Parisi started his career in 1996 with the iconic Belgian club Atmoz and signed to Antler Subway (EMI) Music with his first release on Atmoz Records and Tiesto's label 'Black Hole Recordings'. In 2006 Nico started his own label Danza Records. His first release on 12 inch, Nico Parisi & Erik Hub 'Metro', quickly reached number 1 in the hit parade of the famous Armin Van Buuren. In 2011, Nico was offered a contract with Bonzai Progressive. Several releases have been released such as 'Caress'. This release was picked up by Paul Oakenfold and the track 'Health' was picked up by Paul Van Dyk. As a DJ he was asked several times at Tomorrowland and Pukkelpop. In 2023 the track 'Metro' was covered again by Kevin De Vries and

Latest Releases