Thirteen years deep into the business, EddyThron, a Trance, Progressive Trance and Organic House producer and DJ, found love and passion for music at nine years old. Characterised by its ability to try out new formulas for each and every song, yet still driving a unique and recognisable sound, his first official release came in the form of the Alpha EP back in 2017. Since then, he’s captivated the ears of many with an ever-growing discography, spanning from 118 all the way up to 138 BPM. Host of the Amity radioshow on Twitch and co-manager of Ambari Records, EddyThron has a few projects under his sleeve. The latest of which was brought to life under his subalias, EddyThron pres. Aloft, with which he unveiled the ATOP series of deep sets

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