Chris Stussy

Chris Stussy (Up The Stuss) DJ, producer and Up The Stuss label boss Chris Stussy has established himself as a central figure within the modern house landscape, crafting a sound that is entirely his own while maturing as a tastemaker and a selector at the forefront of the scene. 2020 welcomed a significant moment as he unveiled his label, Up The Stuss. A vinyl-driven outlet for Stussy and friends to release forward-thinking, timeless club-driven productions, the imprint has become a must-visit hub for quality cuts across the electronic sphere. Home to his ‘Get Together’ project alongside S.A.M., plus material from Malin Genie, Janeret, Varhat, Paolo Rocco and more, the label not only showcases how well-rounded Stussy is as a producer but also his ever-maturing talents as an A&R and label

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