John Castel

John Castel was born in Bayonne(Basque Country)in 1982.He grew with the pop music of the 80s.Artists such as Michael Jackson,Eurythmics and so many others participated to his musical education.At the age of 17,he started to mix the famous Spanish " Bacalao ".In the 2000s, he had the opportunity to occur in several clubs such as the mythical “ Sound“ in San Sebastián (Spain),in ” Itzela“ (Spain), the “ Tunk “ in Irun (Spain),the “ Venecia” in Mutiku(Spain),the “Fabrique “ in Tarbes (France) as well as in other night-clubs ,French an Spanish after-hours bars.He also had the opportunity to play in one of the biggest festival of the north zone of Spain(The Summer Farewell) alongside Charles Ramirez and David Mk among others.Currently signed to several records including Housesession,Soleid Music,Mahayana rec ,Big

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